Brian Wyers


Wyers, Brian


Onwards and Upwards


oil on canvas


60 " x 30 "


Artist Statement/Biography

On-site viewing will require wearing a mask and strictly observing distancing guidelines. Curbside delivery of the art is available. For more information, call 1.877.682.5072 or text 1.905.650.1228.

Artist Statement/Biography

Brian Wyers has spent the last 25 years living with a paint brush in his hands. "Color and light have carried me through patterns and changes without and within, and most recently to a place of stillness and healing." The canvases that have emerged from this introspective are aptly called his works of ‘Powerful Serenity.’

Wyers says: "Painting has brought me a great sense of humility, a transcendence of my outer self into the universal dance of creation, the dance of color and light. It has deepened my belief in the quality that emerges when one touches the true depth of their soul. It has taught me that in blending, as one with the light of creation, with the color of life, not only are we touched by the hand of God, but we are ultimately held in it."

His oil paintings are sold in galleries across North America. He was born in 1947 and continues to live in Toronto, Canada. (from the Artist’s web site)