Hugo Frones


Frones, Hugo


Paradox #5


acrylic on canvas


50 " x 40 "


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

“Hugo's work explores the "control-and-chance concept"; the subject is discovered or rediscovered in the process of its making. Forms and combinations of color are applied until the image becomes a field, radiating its own light. The paintings vacillate from depicting open space containing ethereal shapes to more elaborated fields with lines and stains of paint.

“Balance and harmony anchor them into their own visual logic. The evolving process continues to enhance the visual quality of the work while the artist puts something of himself in every painting.

“Frones, who lives in Toronto, has been painting up a storm ever since he came to Canada from his native Uruguay in 1975. He has shown in Toronto and Barcelona, as well as Argentina and Uruguay.

“His abstracts reflect his love of the painting process, which he sees as a mixture of control and chance.” (from the Artist)