Marshal Foster


Foster, Marshal


A ‘Pear’ of Apples 2


acrylic and gold leaf on canvas


15" x 30"


Artist Statement/Biography


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Artist Statement/Biography

'Some people paint like a beautiful symphony. Marshal paints like rock and roll.'

"This was a comment made by a fellow artist about my work and I think it sums up my way of painting exactly. I work in oil and acrylics on canvas with a great deal of pallet-knife application and bold, strong texture. My techniques are the flip side of my creative focus. In the art world, you learn about long-term goals and always working towards the unattainable, so the undertaking seems tailor-made for me."

Marshal Foster lives and creates his art in the Smith's Falls area of eastern Ontario.

(One of Marshal's passions is community work in Smith's Falls. Using his artist name, Joe Foster, he raises funds by selling portraits of homeless individuals. He paints them on discarded pieces of cardboard, such as pizza-box lids. Click here to read the latest about this unique project.)