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Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

The final steps of Baxo’s creative journey which led him to develop his art form which he calls “aluminism” began in the driveway of his parent’s Welland home, where his father was grinding paint off an old utility trailer. He noticed something magical in the way the sunlight struck and danced off the the exposed metal. He immediately wondered what it would be like to have patterns like that underneath the paint instead of those reflected by “boring” canvas.

Baxo describes himself as having shown signs of creativity from a very early age. In high school he discovered 3D software and graphics. He studied fundamentals of art at college and developed his paintingskils but missed out on being accepted for the animation program. He decided then he could become successful with ‘fprmal education’. An unexpected turn of events led him away from art and graphic design, and into information technology and programming where he spent eight years.

In 2011, he knew it was time to get back to his creative side, and to his painting. But he became frustrated by not being able to achieve on canvas the bold, sleek look that he envisioned. Then came the day in the driveway.

He began experiment with scrap metal which his father had lying around, After much effort, he realized that aluminum would be ideal as his ‘new’ canvas. Then came several years of trials with different paints and chemicals, and he is now confident and proud to present his “aluminist” art.

Baxo was born in Hungary, and moved to Canada with his family at age eight. He lives in Welland.