Amanda Immurs

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Immurs, Amanda


Texture 20


mixed media, recycled materials (in floater frame)


10" x 10"


Artist Statement/Biography

On-site viewing will require wearing a mask and strictly observing distancing guidelines. Curbside delivery of the art is available. For more information, call 1.877.682.5072 or text 1.905.650.1228.

Artist Statement/Biography

"The association of textiles with the feminine, the domestic, the personal, and the sentimental is indisputable. Whether it be the joys of birth or the sorrows of death, fibre softens our everyday lives creating an unconscious surrounding for our conduct.

"Within my work I examine how our thoughts, emotions and memories intertwine with each other to fill in the holes to the puzzle that we know as our identity. I create the space that exists between my eyes, mind and heart. By focusing on the intense, intimate and voyeuristic aspects of the everyday, I create a surface that is diaristic in design -- a personal journal of a life built up of materials, both physical and mental.

"My work demands the importance of details. As (the) artist, I intend to create an experience that can be shared, and a connection that can be questioned between art and observer."

Hamiltonian Amanda Immurs was born in 1982. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts at Mcmaster University, Amanda decided to continue her education at Sheridan college in the crafts and design programme with a concentration in textiles. The combination of training has led Amanda to create tactile images that recollect the layers of everyday life.

She creates images that are layered with various materials, and densely rich textures and narratives. It is a vision that is expressionistic, yet intimate; a vision where strong formal qualities convey a sense of warmth that speaks directly to the viewer. A significant aspect of her studio practice is examining the everyday world in order to discover the possibilities of beauty. She feels that in order for a work to be successful, it must make the viewer feel inquisitive.

In recent years, Amanda has exhibited at various locations around Canada.