Jim Maunder
Jim Maunder
Beverly Sneath
Beverly Sneath

Dawn Masur
Dawn Masur
Francie McGlynn
Francie McGlynn

Christina Vogiatzis
Christina Vogiatzis

Welcome to Niagara’s Premier Art Destination ! !

TAG Art Gallery invites you, as a resident of the Niagara Region or a visitor thereto, to come in and browse our eclectic collection of original Canadian art in our beautiful gallery in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario.
At the Gallery, our affordable art collection includes original contemporary art (abstract painting, landscape, floral, still life, photography), sculpture, one-of-a-kind jewellery, fine art (including Manly MacDonald and Barker Fairley) and historical prints of the Niagara Peninsula.  
The Gallery staff is eager to welcome you and share its knowledge of our artwork and our new artists.  Or, if you are so inclined, make your choices online and use the Shop function to complete your purchase.
905.682.5072   1.877.682.5072   info@tagartgallery.ca



Dawn Masur
Dawn Masur
Beverly Sneath
Beverly Sneath
Dawn Masur: ” With my abstracts, I love painting from dark                          Beverly Sneath:  ” I want to share with the viewer that which captivates me – the light
to light and ending in transparent washes of colour.”                                           effects in this serene landscape.”
Click here to purchase your new art from our on-line ‘shop’.  Contact the Gallery for convenient curbside delivery, or to arrange shipping.
E-Mail: info@tagartgallery.ca  Phone: 905.682.5072  Toll Free: 1.877.682.5072  Text to: 905.650.1228


Niagara Falls Collection
Niagara Falls Collection
Niagara River Collection
Niagara River Collection

TAG Art Gallery is proud to have an excellent collection of lithographs, drawings, paintings and maps of diverse scenes throughout Niagara, particularly works produced from the mid-18th to the early-20th centuries. The collection is highlighted by historically-significant works showing that natural wonder, “the Falls of Niagara”. Drawings by on-the-spot visitors (from as early as 270 years ago) were in great demand by European (and, later, U.S. and Canadian) publishers to produce coloured illustrations for travel books and journals and for sets of frameable engravings. There are also fascinating depictions of Brock’s Monument at Queenston; views of Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie; and scenes of the Welland Canals at St. Catharines and Port Dalhousie.

The original artists were well-known visitors or residents in Niagara, including Charles Popple, R. Hancock, W.H. Bartlett, J.P. Cockburn, I.F. Bouchette, G.A. Blouet, Thomas Benecke, Isaac Weld and Fred Holloway. Later works are the aquatint etchings of Nicholas Hornyansky and watercolours by T.H. Wilkinson and Thomas Mower Martin. From this collection, there is a limited number of prints being offered for sale at our on-line store. Please click on the images above to make your selections.

EY has one of the largest private collections of historical prints in Canada. Since celebrating its sesquicentennial, the firm has moved in a new direction of corporate collecting, and TAG Art Gallery is pleased to have been selected to assist in the sale of the collection. This presents an exciting opportunity to acquire important pieces from this collection. Click https://taghistoricalprints.com to view the historical prints. Purchases from the EY Collection cannot be expedited through the ‘shop’ feature of our website. Rather, we request that you contact the Gallery. (Shipping is extra):
905.682.5072   1.877.682.5072   info@tagartgallery.ca
Manly MacDonald
Manly MacDonald





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TAG Art Gallery 214 King Street, St. Catharines ON L2R 3J9

Hours: Wed. to Sat., 12-6pm

(By appointment outside regular hours)

For more information, please call:
or toll free 1.877.682.5072
TAG Art Gallery 214 King Street,
St. Catharines ON L2R 3J9
Hours: Wed. to Sat., 12-6pm
(By appointment outside regular hours)

Interested in displaying your art

at TAG Art Gallery?

Find out how to submit your work . (Consignment Only.)
TAG Art Gallery is inviting established and emerging artists to our gallery. Artists are invited to submit JPEG images of available work in any medium by email to:
Please include:
-An artist statement & a brief bio
-A list of the titles
-Medium (e.g. acrylic on canvas)
-Suggested retail prices of your works.
JPEG images – specifications:
Please make .jpg files 180 to 300 dots per inch, with a file size of 250kb to 500kb. For multiple, larger files, please ‘archive’ them in a .zip folder or e-mail them in two parts.  ‘Dropbox’ is available: please contact the Gallery for details.
Canvases unframed and with painted edges are preferred.  Please consult the Gallery for further information.
Consignment of Art:
The Gallery provides standard Consignment Agreement forms, with any changes proposed by the Artist to be agreed to beforehand.  Click here to view draft Consignment forms.
Thank you.


 EY has one of the largest private collections of historical and contemporary-art prints in Canada.  As EY has celebrated its sesquicentennial and now moves in a new direction of corporate collecting, TAG Art Gallery is pleased to have been selected to assist in the sale of the collection.  This presents an exciting opportunity to acquire important pieces of this collection.  To view prints, click https://taghistoricalprints.com for historical,and https://tagcontemporaryart.com for contemporary.  Purchases from the EY Collection cannot be expedited through the Shop  feature of the web site.  Rather, we prefer that you contact the Gallery.  (Shipping is extra.)  For additional information, reach us at:

Tom and Frank Goldspink of TAG Art Gallery were pleased to host more than 175 people on the evening of April 19th, 2018, for the year-end Celebration by the 2018 Graduates of the Niagara College Graphic Design Program in the School of Media Studies.  Joyful and proud family and friends of the celebrating students, along with College staff , packed the Gallery for the two-hour event.  Each graduate had two large poster-boards on display, featuring a summary of their final thesis, and a portfolio of selected projects from their three years of study.   Their artistic and academic achievements proved to be a wonderful intertwining of “the practical, the technical, and the imaginative.”  In the afternoon, the Gallery was the locale for  an Industry ‘Meet-and-Greet’ where the Graduates and prospective employers mingled for two hours.  This is the 9th year that TAG Gallery has hosted Niagara College.  ‘Thank you.’ from Tom and Frank to all those who made the event such a success.  Below is a slide show of the evening and daytime activities.  (Photo credits: @beccaphotography and TAG Art Gallery)


[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_1_nc-slide-show2018.jpg]1620
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_2_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]1480
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_3_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]1350
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_4_nc-slide-shpw-2018.jpg]1180
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_6a_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]1010
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_6_nc-slide-show20128.jpg]1090
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_6c_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]880
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_8_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]910
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_9_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]850
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_10_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]850
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_11_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]830
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_13_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]790
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_14_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]900
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_15_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]800
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_17_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]810
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_18_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]770
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_16_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]760
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_19a-rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]600
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_19_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]720
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_20_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]690
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_21_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]720
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_22_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]750
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_23_nc-slideshow-2018.jpg]730
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_24_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]750
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_25rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]730
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_26rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]700
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_27rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]650
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_28rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]660
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_29rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]630
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_30rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]620
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_31rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]620
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_32rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]650
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_33rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]700
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_34rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]520
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_35rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]520
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_36rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]530
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_37rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]500
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_38rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]500
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_39rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]510
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_40rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]550
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_41rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]580
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_42rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]530
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_43rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]550
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_44rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]520
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_45rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]500
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_46rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]440
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_47rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]480
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_48rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]460
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_49rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]460
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_26-_nc-slide-show.jpg]590
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_51rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]430
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_52rp_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]410
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_25_nc-slide-show-2018x.jpg]580
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_27_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]540
[img src=https://www.tagartgallery.ca/wp-content/flagallery/ncmyk/thumbs/thumbs_28_nc-slide-show-2018.jpg]560

Click here to view the slide shows from 2017 (The (RAD) behind (G)RAD), 2016 (Retrospect), and 2015 (g d ’15).