Linda Woolven

Artist Linda Woolven encourages artists to explore the use of the ‘cold-wax’ medium:

“Cold wax is unique in that it allows the artist to get very tactile: utilizing layers, thick textures and a scraping technique to create movement, energy and luminous lighting in paintings.

“In cold wax classes and workshops, and in my own work, I demonstrate how it allows underlying layers to come through effectively. I use a tactile approach with the oil and cold wax, and work with a palette knife and other implements to pull and scratch the wax to create a novel textured effect.

“Applied on wood, instead of canvas, the cold wax and oils make for a unique process that creates striking paintings. Although cold wax has been around for a long time, it has recently taken on a new life, and is being used by many innovative artists to create new growth in the looks and styles of paintings.”

Here are examples of new, cold-wax pieces by Linda.