The Stories Behind The Art – Chris Glabb

Supermarket Still Life (with apples)

Supermarket Still Life (with tomatoes)

“I am uninterested in creating a traditional still life. Not every family in Canada has access to fresh fruit and vegetables in the way that they are often represented in still life. In excess, perfectly positioned and glossy. Something we cannot escape though, is advertising. For that reason, I choose to represent my still life like a supermarket flyer. This is the modern still life.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘(still life with apples)’click here. For ‘(still life with tomatoes)’, click here.)

Please Do Not Feed the Pigeons (ii)

“I made this piece during the COVID-19 pandemic. When social isolation began, I looked forward to taking a long walk every afternoon to get out of the house. My fixation on signs in parks, storefronts and on billboards was elevated. This piece is also one of the few that I’ve drawn on, more than I’ve painted.  This is a new process for me that I am exploring in new work.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Please Do Not Feed the Pigeons (ii)’click here.)