The Stories Behind The Art – Dave Froude


Gilded Homestead

“Although I don’t paint landscapes very often, I do love working on them. I have said before that I find them liberating as I can let loose a bit and play around with colour, form and light and not worry about my drawing so much. Really pushed the colour here, as you can see.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Gilded Homestead’click here.)

Rattray Marsh

“Back many months ago, as I was walking through a local marsh, I exited a forest and came across this view.  Apart from a few vocal swans, the scene was quite peaceful. They were probably thinking the same thing about me. Love visiting this place.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Rattray Marsh’click here.)



Was a good day to be in the studio; cold and wet outside.  All of my objects here are sitting on aluminum foil, because who doesn’t love reflections. Wasn’t sure what I was going to call this one, but after staring at it for a while I noticed the plate looked like a moon. For most of my work, I focus on colour relationships, and I really dig blue coloured glass. Has been the focus of many paintings. . . Just love how rich it is.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Moonlite’click here.)


“This figurine has been on my shelf to fix for quite some time now, fell over one day and, well, the head just popped off – not my fault, really. Anyway, now that it has made it into a painting, I guess I should put it back together. Looking back at this piece I had a thought in mind while setting this one up, but, now, this has an entirely different meaning to me and perhaps was communicating via my subconsciousness the whole time. We have all been there and it is part of being Human.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Disheartened’, click here.)