The Stories Behind The Art – Ilonka Csano


Through the Light

“This one was painted when the covid-19 pandemic was starting to spread everywhere. You can see in the background the black cloud striking on top of the white, sand and gray tones mixed together. Yearning for beauty and love, I painted peonies and roses to show solidarity and hope. The big beautiful pink and white flowers are surrounded by other smaller ones and of different colors, mixed together with lots of leaves, was of most importance to bring beauty of nature back in its essence and my Hungarian roots.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Through the Light’, click here.)

Fancy Porcelain

“My German roots are showing in this contemporary flower painting. It reminds me of my mother’s white and blue fine china and some pieces she gave me like my coffee and teapot made in fine porcelain. I chose Prussian blue mixed with Payne gray color. I combined those colors with a warm white and sand color for the background to make it look vintage.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Fancy Porcelain’click here.)


La Romance

“I love dark background paintings. I felt like painting colorful flowers that look like peonies and roses in a rococo and Victorian tapestry style. The leaves are shown in a darker and discreet form. I was in the mood of Romance when I created this art”  (To complete your purchase of ‘La Romance’click here.)


“I felt free when I painted these flowers. They look like they are slowly falling from the sky at night and the contrast of the dark background and the white flowers pop up like the moonlight. The leaves are subtle and dance around the flowers.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Luminescence’click here.)