The Stories Behind The Art – Leah Dockrill


The London Version

“This is a fairly large piece — an abstract in mixed media — with an element of collage. These are techniques that I favour , and with a limited palette (chiefly red, orange and turquoise.) My usual approach to creating an abstract work is to allow the image to create itself, with only  a tad of guidance from me. While they all can be described as free-form, this image tends to be more structured. I began by laying down the areas of red (diagonally opposite to each other) and the areas of delicious opaque teal (one of my favourite paints) also diagonally opposite to each other. Then, I embellished those areas with shreds of various fine art paper, which I always have on hand for collage purposes. The centre areas were built up piece-by-piece, by visual trial and error, until, finally the arrangement of the bits and pieces appealed to me. It is a purely subjective process. The title was inspired by the pieces of fine art paper that I incorporated – which included a stylized map of old London.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘The London Version’, click here.)

Tofino on My Mind

“The imagery of these seven paintings varies significantly from piece to piece. This is deliberate.  However, I wanted to be consistent with the palette – again the turquoise, nickel azo gold, etc. When I put down the first little square shapes, I wasn’t intending a landscape, but as the painting unfolded, it became Tofino – MacKenzie Beach, in fact. Of that I was certain; hence, the title. Mixed media enhanced that plume of white in the sky – which is my favourite feature in this painting.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Tofino on My Mind’click here.)



“This square piece was heavily textured with acrylic media of various sorts, then the entire canvas was covered over with a lace-like rice paper. Then painted with a couple of layers of white paint, but not so as to completely cover the entire area. I wanted to make use of the lacy effect of the paper, by leaving a small area or two transparent. Then , using the turquoise (teal) and nickel azo gold , I simply let the “free-form” muse take over. The result is a rather directionally confusing cluster of shapes. The title more or less declared itself.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Detour’click here.)

Suddenly; Without Warning

“This small piece seemed to create itself, without my really being present. It is an entirely spontaneous painting. Except for the colours, there was no planning. All I can say is that it occurred. The circumstances of its creation inspired the title.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Suddenly; Without Warning’click here.)


On The Rise

“This image was not planned until it began to take shape. I used the free-form approach to begin, then I liked the upward motion of the brushwork.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘On the Rise’click here.)

Just A Hint

“A mixed media piece that uses bits and pieces, conveying a mere hint of collage.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Just A Hint’click here.)

Express Hard Pac


“This abstract is more collage than painting. Various art papers and found images, on a highly textured background that includes layers of acrylic gels and pastes, then coats of white paint. Black and white dominate, but a calligraphic squiggle of teal and a lozenge or two of nickel azo gold bring the palette into the parameters that I set for myself for this series of paintings. This piece is obviously structured and the title was inspired by the found piece bearing those words. It came from the packaging of one of the commercial couriers. This is a common practice of contemporary collagists – to make use of found objects, any kind of respectable debris that fits. I now think of the entire piece as ‘Express Hard Pac’ (complete with incorrect spelling).”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Express Hard Pac’click here.)