The Stories Behind The Art – Peter Wing



“For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by trees. I came to understand their importance from an environmental perspective later in life, but during my formative years I saw them as living, breathing, even sentient beings. A decidedly romantic notion, but recent scientific studies have proven this theory to be true, in that they communicate with each other, and some researchers believe they help each other in times of environmental stress.

“Over the years I have driven the Merritville Highway on my way to visit family in Port Colborne. Early on I noticed a distinctive andsolitary Oak tree living in a field just before Canboro Road (old Highway 20) and made a point of looking at it every time I passed by. Then a couple of years ago I noticed some of the branches were dying and decided to make a drawing of it before it was gone. This impulse was based on a previous experience when an ancient and towering Butternut tree that was on my property line disappeared in one day under the merciless teeth of a chainsaw. The Oak is still there but for how long, no-one knows.” (To inquire about purchasing ‘Sentinel’please contact the Gallery.)






“Call me romantic, call me a dreamer, but when I happened across this old car in a field outside of Baysville  ON, my first thoughts were of the people and events it had witnessed during its lifetime. This is not a new perspective for me, as dilapidated houses, old farm equipment in their worn and rusted glory, or old dog-eared photographs somehow transport me into reveries of imagination, creating mysterious and wistful echoes of the past. Nostalgia, a mild longing for a simple and uncomplicated past.

“But as I contemplated the abandoned car in the field, this warm sense of nostalgia slowly dissipated and was replaced by a more ominous perspective. What if the car had experienced more dark and sinister events rather than the warm and friendly variety? Think Bonnie and Clyde. Thankfully I returned to the charm and comfort of my original pleasant imaginings but there was no denying that a feeling of unease remained.” (To complete your purchase of ‘Forgotten’click here.)