The Stories Behind The Art – Zoé Lefort


“I love painting scenes of women like this one, as it is a glimpse into her life at that moment.  Her outfit, her choice of dog, tell a unique and complex story.  I often find inspiration from either an outfit, a dog, or a woman, and then match them up as I see fit.  Leaving the face out leaves more to the imagination and removes judgement.  All of the women like this one come to life and I ask myself . . . ‘What is that woman saying?   What is she thinking?   What is her message?’ . . .”  (To complete your purchase of ‘L’Arlequin’click here.)

Le Fauteuil Bleu

“This painting is a collage of a blue couch that struck me one day as I was shopping, and a beautiful bouquet of roses that I had seen at my aunt’s home.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Le Fauteuil Bleu’click here.)

Les Pirogues




“This scene is a childhood memory from Senegal, Africa, when visiting my aunt and uncle.  We waited along the beach to catch a little fishing boat like one of these to take us over to a neighbouring island for a family picnic.”  (To complete your purchase of ‘Les Pirogues’, click here.)